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How The Blue Security Operations Center Goes Above and Beyond for Our Clients

Blue MSP Model Makes us Stand Out from the Competition

Outstanding customer service and attention to detail are top priorities at Blue. We prove this by our “service first” mindset. Our managed service provider (MSP) model stands out from the competition because we are able to focus on a client’s unique wants and needs, along with other factors (ie. location, size) to create a custom security solution by presenting multiple security vendors with back up options.

Whether your company is in a crowded city or rural town, you are a small business owner or you have multiple partners running the company, we have the ability to focus on each site and give it specialized attention. Blue handpicks security providers across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico with specialization in your vertical market – it’s unique to the security industry which is something we pride ourselves on. While our competitors often have a “one-size-fits-all” solution, our tech-forward approach works so well because we a multi-tiered service and support structure along with Blue technology that allows officers to report incidents in real-time.

The MSP model is the only solution that’s focused on giving customers choice. Our business is truly service-focused. You should be in the driver’s seat of your security program – and having choices allows you to set preferences and decide what fits your organization, style, and culture. Blue can give that to you with options in mind, presenting different vendors with specialized areas of focus – and the best part is that these are locally owned and managed businesses familiar with your specific markets.”

– Dan Arnold, Sr. Vice President of National Operations

Our Dispatch Team is Available 24/7 for your Security Needs

The Blue dispatch team is available for each client 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This group of professionals works in shifts, readily available to focus on your immediate security needs. As the eyes and ears of our organization, dispatch is thoroughly trained in record keeping, communication, customer service, working with emergency personnel and more – all while multi-tasking to focus on client requirements. From scheduling to check-ins and calling for back up vendors, Blue dispatch is critical to our client success.

Blue software is used by the dispatch team to track the attendance of security personnel so we’re able to ensure down-to-the-minute billing. The team is focused on getting officers to your location on time and in uniform, with a 90-minute average speed to post in emergency situations – faster than even the largest companies.

Our Service Department is an Advocate for Every Customer

Every client, whether they are seeking temporary or permanent security services, gets assigned an expert service agent. The service department is focused on client account management and providing the best possible customer service that is tailored to each individual client site.

They focus on security needs required on an ongoing basis by customers and manage relationships with vendor companies. Our service agents become well-versed in the security issues clients are having and select specific vendors that will be the perfect fit for them. They ensure these officers are aware of the duties expected of them and that they will be able to perform to the best of their ability.

In addition to knowing the ins and outs of customers’ security needs, the service department measures the KPIs of officers such as attendance, tardiness, and number of incidents at the post every week. They constantly update these to ensure guards are timely and incidents decrease. We know it’s crucial that you have continuous reporting and evaluation of the effectiveness of your security program to guide your solution and provide service enhancements when needed.

Our Strategic Account Management Team Works with the Highest Level of Security Programs

Our strategic accounts managers (SAM) are the relationship holders to the highest level of security programs. They work closely with clients to ensure it’s easy to work with Blue. The SAM team is responsible for partnering with their clients to reduce program costs efficiently, educating clients on our innovative software offering through the client portal, managing reporting, KPIs and SLAs for each SAM client, and more based on custom needs.

As Blue continues to grow as an organization, it’s important that our clients know they can grow with us, especially as new service offerings are added. Through our strategic growth model, we can guarantee that what will continue to set us apart is our adoption of technology, ongoing software development, and modernized staffing approach.

The SAM team is a central component within Blue acting as a liaison between internal departments and our clients. It’s just one of the ways we ensure Blue relationships are strong and long-lasting.

Our Vendor Management Team Supports Security as a Whole

At Blue, we greatly value our positive, long-term relationships with vendor companies and treat them just as we would a client. Because we depend on them to provide above-average security services, the vendor management team is constantly looking for ways we can help vendors grow their companies. For example, can we put a vendor in a new market? What about getting them over state lines? If it benefits them, it will benefit us and our clients.

As mentioned above, senior service management personnel are provided with insight where they can provide positive feedback to vendors, as well as assistance and coaching to resolve any areas of improvement. The entire service chain is truly connected to identify areas of improvement for our clients, many times bringing topics of discussion to them before they even realize there is an issue.

Secure Your Operations with Blue Security

With more than 4,000 vendors in our network, Blue Security is committed to providing officers that are the best fit for your staffing needs. We pride ourselves in our “service first” culture as well as our 97% client retention rate. To connect with our service specialists and have us help manage your security program, drop Blue line today.

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